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It’s Not All Bad: Four Horror Remakes Worth Watching

by Andrew Corbanon 29/02/2016
With the recent release of a remake of Eli Roth’s 2002 classic horror Cabin Fever, some people may be wondering if there is any point in remaking films like this at all, especially when they’re little more than shot for shot recreations that don’t add anything exceptional to the concept. Everyone constantly bemoans horror remakes and, […]

Evil Dead Remake Review – 7 GPP

by SeanPWallaceon 22/04/2013
Straight to the point: It made me laugh, was genuinely creepy and often quite uncomfortable viewing, just like the original. If you watch the first Evil Dead, or even its remake / sequel, under modern auspices then you wonder what all of the fuss was about, what could have possibly earned it the ban in the […]