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Slaine: The Book of Scars

by Andy Haighon 30/11/2013
Slaine, a barbarian fantasy series which takes in various elements of Irish and Celtic mythology, created by Pat Mills and Angela Kincaid, recently had its 30th anniversary. In celebration of this, The Book of Scars finds Slaine catapulted back through time by his long time foe Guledig to some of the landmark battles of his lifetime. […]

John Constantine Hellblazer: Death and Cigarettes – 8 GPPs

by Andy Haighon 01/09/2013
In this final Hellblazer book, John Constantine -a man who has walked into Hell and back more than once- finds himself somewhat troubled by a vision of his own death. Before trying to make sense of his apparently imminent demise though, Constantine must deal with werewolves and visit Ireland to track down his estranged nephew: […]

Slaine Book of Scars brings together classic artists for 30th Anniversary.

by Andy Haighon 24/08/2013
A new Slaine story celebrating the character’s 30th anniversary titled ‘The Book of Scars’ starting in 2000AD Prog 1844 has writer and creator Pat Mills teaming up with some of the characters classic artists including Simon Bisley and Glen Fabry. Slaine, a fantasy based on Celtic and Irish myth and legend with other influences (Robert […]

John Constantine Hellblazer Farewell

by Andy Haighon 16/03/2013
Dressed in a shirt, tie and yellow trench coat, with a grizzled unshaven look, blonde hair and a smouldering Silk Cut in his hand, John Constantine is a blue collar, chain smoking, self-serving, manipulative, “nasty piece of work” in his own words. A master of deceit and misdirection, owner of a scathing wit and also […]