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It’s Not All Bad: Four Horror Remakes Worth Watching

by Andrew Corbanon 29/02/2016
With the recent release of a remake of Eli Roth’s 2002 classic horror Cabin Fever, some people may be wondering if there is any point in remaking films like this at all, especially when they’re little more than shot for shot recreations that don’t add anything exceptional to the concept. Everyone constantly bemoans horror remakes and, […]

Slasher Saturdays – Origins

by Michael Doddon 21/09/2013
Where did the slasher film come from? How did it all start, and most importantly, what was the very first movie that we can can say with any certainty was the very first of the kind?  If you know your horror than you will already be familiar with the more popular answers. Halloween (1978) is recognized by many […]

Slasher Saturdays – An Introduction

by Michael Doddon 14/09/2013
If you’ve been following my Free Film Friday blog then you know that I am seriously in to cinema. There isn’t really anything that I won’t watch, and what I do like I follow obsessively. One area which has always intrigued me is the horror film, and in particular the slasher sub-genre. I wanted to […]

You’re Next – 8GPPS

by Michael Doddon 09/09/2013
A few months ago I was intrigued by a number of reviews which had called the remake of The Evil Dead the best horror film in years. I allowed such high praise to influence my decision to see the movie, and in the end I kind of regretted it because I actually did not find that particular […]

Shipping: Most of it I just don’t understand

by Becca Harperon 16/03/2013
It was about a year or so ago that I joined Tumblr, a decision taken when I decided to share my enthusiasm for geek parenting with the internets. It was about 8 months ago that I totally fell for Supernatural. My husband and I had tried to watch season one a couple of years ago […]