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5 Great Gaming aps to help pass the time

by Andrew Corbanon 26/11/2014
Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of that pixelated, apple eating snake… why did it eat apples anyway? It’s a snake.. do they even eat apples?! Anyway, despite its strange eating habits, ‘Snake’ could arguably be counted as one of the most successful mobile games ever, with nearly every person I know […]

The OneUps: Exclusive Interview

by Stephen Breweron 05/10/2013
Recently I had the pleasure to interview William C. Reyes, the guitarist and co-manager of the extraordinary Video Game Cover Band ‘The OneUps‘ in an exclusive Geek-Pride interview:   You’ve been around now for 13 years since your inception, was there ever a time in the first few years before your first album (Volume 1) in 2005, […]

GEEK PRIDE CAST EPs#8 – Laggy the slow ass reindeer

by Matt Gearyon 13/08/2013
On this week’s cast we introduce the noobs, talk about geeky drinks, the DC villains series, the SCG Kickstarter ‘Cosplayers Unite,’ The geek pride charity calendar and, of course, our new section ‘Show and tell’ All the while our newest caster, and Natalie Portman lookalike, Erin, lags in and out… with humorous consequences.   Please check […]