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True Blood Rant: Season 6 Episode 2

by Hani Fearonon 26/06/2013
After the series six premiere of everyone’s favourite, and only, show about bloodsuckers worth watching – debatable as that may be right now – we’re back for another True Blood catch up. I’d missed Bill’s little sex noise as the three naked blood-covered ladies ‘entered’ him last week – the re-cap made sure I didn’t […]

A Taste of True Blood

by Hani Fearonon 02/04/2013
We’ve still got a while to wait for the next series of True Blood, especially over here in the UK as the first episode doesn’t air until 16th June in the US. Excitement this Easter weekend however, as HBO released the first taste of what’s in store for Sookie and co. this June. Series six […]