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MCM Birmingham Comic Con: What Cons Should Be

by Peter Ray Allisonon 25/11/2015
Geek Pride heads down to Birmingham to take in the sights at Birmingham Comic Con.

Marvel comics’ characters that have appeared in popular video games

by Matt Gearyon 23/07/2015
Marvel Comics was founded in 1939 as Timely Comics and was called the Golden Age of comic books. This era saw great comics such as the Human Torch, The Angel and Namor McKenzie. By the early 1950s, the comic book company become known as Atlas Comics, the publisher of a plethora of children’s and teen […]

Geek Pride Cast # 0 ***Mature language***

by Matt Gearyon 11/06/2013
Having never done a podcast before, Geek Pride decided, with no warning, to just ‘Give it a go’ here’s  what resulted. on Google Hangouts Be gentle, its our first time! Watch Here   Listen Here   Download HERE  Check it out on Itunes HERE

Visual Guide: Marvel – The Next 10 Movies

by Becca Harperon 20/04/2013
If you a Marvelite like me then you should be excited by this long list. A visual look at the next 10 movies from the Marvel Universe. Okay so the last few are mock ups but since their release dates aren’t  until 2014/2015 they can be forgiven, but just look at what they have in […]

Super Cover Girls – Art by Artgerm

by Becca Harperon 19/04/2013
Ever the fan of the female super heroes I almost squee’d out loud when I came across these outstanding pieces of digital art. The artist responsible for these incredible images is Singapore based Stanley Lau aka Artgerm. Formally trained as a graphic designer, Artgerm has gone on to co found Imaginary Friends Studio, described on their […]

A Mother Geek’s Rant: “Where are the girls hero tops mummy?”

by Becca Harperon 19/02/2013
My children have had no choice but to grow up geek; the people they spend the most time with outside of school are all grown up geeks eager to impart their knowledge on the next generation. It is inevitable that my children will embrace the likes of those they look up to. This Christmas, just gone, the second […]