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Review: Sugarplum Chronicles

by xdustineflxon 15/09/2017
Sugarplum Chronicles is an upcoming game that will be launched on Kickstarter on October 2nd and I got my hands on an advance copy to put it through its paces.Uh SP is kind of a mash-up of Candy Land and a role-playing game. A curse has fallen over the land of Sugarplum, with no one sitting on the Frosted […]

Review: Bahoochie!

by xdustineflxon 13/06/2017
Bahoochie! is an upcoming card from George Mackay, creator of the cartoon monsters known as “Eejits”. It’s a simple game that combines Slap-Jack with elements of the Top Trumps family of games, is played with 2-4 players, and a game can be finished in 20 minutes or less. A deck consists of two types of cards, the Creature […]

The Drowned Earth Miniatures Game on Kickstarter – preview

by Thomas Williamson 10/05/2017
(Podcast with The Drowned Earth creator, James Baldwin)   Sometimes a tabletop or board game comes along and really captures your attention, it’s new and different that does something unique. For board games, this year’s big new release is the Dark Souls board game which was one of the biggest kickstarters ever and really captured […]

Review: Festivus for the Rest of Us

by xdustineflxon 12/12/2016
I am a big fan of Seinfeld as well as board/tabletop games, so I was excited when I found out a game had been made based on one of the show’s most iconic episode “The Strike”, aka the Festivus episode. A Festivus for the Rest of Us is said board game, which my family and I acquired this […]

Firefly Fluxx Review

by xdustineflxon 11/04/2016
I love the game Fluxx. I love the TV show Firefly even more. Put the two together, and it’s a match made in heaven. If you’ve ever played any version of Fluxx in the past, you know how the game works, and it’s no different here. However, if you haven’t played, the rules are really simple. The game starts with […]

Fantasy: The Family Card Game

by xdustineflxon 16/03/2016
Sometimes, when you’re shopping for games, you’ll pick up something on an impulse or simply because the price is right. While looking for another specific game, that’s exactly how I stumbled upon Fantasy: The Family Card Game. It was a good price at the time, so I picked up a deck. This is one of the […]


by xdustineflxon 04/03/2016
Tokaido was a game I had on my radar for quite some time, so when Miniature Market had a decent deal on it, I snagged myself a copy. Turns out it was a good investment, as it is one of my favorite board games to come along in a while. In the game players take […]

Exploding Kittens

by xdustineflxon 17/02/2016
At the time of its release, Exploding Kittens was the fastest-funded item in Kickstarter history, hitting its goal of $10,000 USD in just 20 minutes. Although I was not one of the backers, I did manage to get a commercial release copy shortly thereafter for a reasonable price and decided to check it out. This […]

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival (Review)

by xdustineflxon 15/02/2016
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a fairly new game that has been getting high praise from around the internet, with actor and mega-gamer Wil Wheaton most notably singing it’s praises. Based on that, I decided to get a copy of the Mensa award-winning game for my daughter for Christmas. The concept of Lanterns is simple: […]

Age of Sigmar: a rebuttal to DeathHolyDeath and a Defense of GW

by Lendosanon 13/07/2015
"Age of Sigmar is for a generation of gamer who wants to be immersed into the Fantasy genre, without playing a game where he gets tabled in a turn. No one likes setting up a one or two thousand point army, to lose in the first two turns."