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Battleborn v Overwatch: One of These Things is Not Like the Other

by Callum Tyndallon 15/05/2016
There is an emerging genre currently being referred to as “hero shooters”, essentially a combination of FPS style combat with MOBA influenced hero design. Two of the biggest games currently being placed in this bracket at the moment are Blizzard’s Overwatch and Gearbox’s Battleborn. Both use FPS mechanics and both feature hero type characters, fighters that utilise a wide […]

Glitchrunners Geek Pride Game Review

by jollinson 18/04/2016
We Review Glitchrunners. Glitchrunners is a party LAN game where one player dubbed the “architect” is set the task of impeding the progress of other players as they travel through the levels collecting points and trying to “one up” each other. Our Team put together a video review;

A Study of the FPS Genre:”Pressing The Trigger”

by King Darrenon 08/01/2016
The domain of the FPS genre is DAMAGE. Whether you’re ordering your squad to breach and clear a room in Rainbow Six, providing air support in Call of Duty, or rocket spamming a ledge overlooking an entry route in Quake, everything about your performance in an FPS ultimately boils down to optimising performance in this […]