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What Is The Best Season Of The Walking Dead?

by Jonjo Cosgroveon 18/07/2017
Ranking each season of my favourite TV show for you all!

Interview with Meyrick Murphy

by Cristina Bogdanon 06/03/2016
Most The Walking Dead fans remember Meghan, the little girl that played a part in The Governor’s redemption and immediate fall back on his old habits, but not many know who the person behind the character is. We got a chance to chat up with Meyrick Murphy, the young actress that brought Meghan to life […]

A Decade of the Walking Dead

by Michael Doddon 29/12/2013
I’ve been away for a while and I wanted to write something celebratory for New Year’s. Something which would round off the year 2013 nicely, and also allow me a triumphant return to the joys of writing for this great site, something which I have been unfortunately unable to do as much as I have […]

The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Episode 7 – Dead Weight

by SeanPWallaceon 28/11/2013
‘Tell them he died a hero. Everyone loves a hero.’ This season of The Walking Dead has been on a slow burn / long shamble (no, I will not stop using the zombie metaphors!), but it’s returned to the best form of the first series by reviving the Governor. We have, in fact, been given […]

The Walking Dead – Season 4 – Episode 6 – Live Bait

by SeanPWallaceon 20/11/2013
After last week’s rather tedious episode, I ended my write-up with the hopeful note that the return of The Governor would liven the show up a bit (Get it? Liven? Zombies?). Being the first legitimate human antagonist to the group, and a somewhat iconic character of the Comic books, I hoped that his inclusion would […]