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Explodemon Review

by David Roseon 01/04/2014
Some of the design choices are concessions to modernity, and whether you can stand the trends of modern game design will probably affect how much you like Explodemon. There is a great game in there, but you do need to wrangle to get at it. Wrangle Like Firecracker Laced Baboon!

Thomas Was Alone Review – 7 GPPs

by Phil_Matthewson 09/05/2013
Thomas Was Alone is an indie, puzzle-based platformer, set in a computer program gone awry and  featuring AI  in the form of coloured blocks, which you need to guide to a goal; the first being Thomas, a red rectangle, who is indeed alone; at least to start with anyway. As the game progresses, more and more […]

Playstation Plus EU – April 2013 Edition

by James Buckinghamon 22/03/2013
Well… it’s that time of the month again – the April Playstation Plus Update is inbound, and I have all the details for you (if you thought I meant a different time of the month, then shame on you!) This month is a bit of an indie bonanza, so if that’s up your alley… read […]