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10 GREAT Films we’ll never watch again

by Matt Gearyon 10/01/2017
If you are anything like me, you will like a good jaunt to the Cinema. The anticipation of a new block buster or awaiting a fright from the latest Scare fest, the end result is generally the same; a great day / evening out and that buzzing feeling after seeing something special. There are those […]

21 Remarkable Moments in Sci-Fi Movies

by James Woodheadon 13/03/2014
The 20th century started with people doubting that the car would catch on and ended with complaints that mankind hadn’t already colonised Mars. It was one of the most quickly developing and exciting periods in history. As we delve deeper into the 21st century, we are turning corners that had once exclusively belonged to science […]

Colin Farrell’s top 10 films

by Matt Gearyon 13/12/2013
This is a guest post by Rob Scarborough. Rob is an avid film and music blogger. When not toiling away on his laptop, Rob enjoys searching for good food and attending live shows. There are a lot of blockbuster films coming out in 2014, and many of them are already generating significant buzz. However, trailers […]

Top 10 Geeky Make Up Creations

by ScarlettNighton 26/07/2013
So during one of my regular procrastination sessions I happened upon some geeky make up creations and I thought I’d share my top 10 with you. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to find many people using make up in this kind of way (you’ll soon see what I mean) so many of the pictures come from […]