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Terminator: Genisys sequels receive release dates

by Cristina Bogdanon 08/09/2014
With Terminator: Genisys – starring Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, Matt Smith and the veteran Arnold Schwartzenegger – being released in May 2015, there has been a lot of speculation concerning its sequels. According to Paramount, who holds the  rights of the franchise, the movie will have two sequels that are to be filmed […]

Emmerich to Launch New Stargate Movie Trilogy

by Becca Harperon 30/05/2014
Roland Emmerich is set to direct a new “reimagined” trilogy of Stargate films based on the 1994 film Stargate he directed and co-wrote with Dean Devlin. Devlin is set to produce the trilogy with MGM and Warner Bros backing the project. However, with Emmerich pretty much tied up at the moment on the elusive Independence Day […]

New Matrix Trilogy Planned?

by Andrew Corbanon 01/03/2014
Word has surfaced on the mouth-watering prospect of a fresh trilogy of Matrix films coming from The Wachowskis.  Detail is scant right now but according to Latino Review, who broke the story a few hours ago, we are looking at a prequel trilogy. Presumably this means we will not see a return for Neo himself […]

Epic Trailer For The World’s End

by James Buckinghamon 08/05/2013
The third and final part of The Cornetto Trilogy finally has a trailer, and it is awesome! The saga that started with Shaun Of The Dead culminates in The World’s End, a movie about five mates attempting to relive their misspent youth and undertaking a pub crawl of epic proportions… with dire consequences. I’ve been […]

Mass Effect Trilogy- Play all 3 back to back……awwww crap

by Matt Gearyon 12/11/2012
Ok, I’m going to hold my hand up and admit something to you all now.. I have not played all 3 Mass Effect games **DUCKS** I have a good reason though.. I got through nearly three quarters of the first game and then, due to Xbox error, I lost it all! After that, I couldn’t bring myself […]