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E3 – Ubisoft want you to be free – And do wierd stuff too!

by Mark Cantyon 14/06/2016
Ubisoft started the week with a range of new looks at upcoming games, from Ghost Recon Wildlands, Watchdogs 2 and For Honor, to Just Dance 17 and Steep. An overall positive and upbeat show, the section on the Assassin's Creed movie fell a little flat in a show about games, but well tried!

Renaissance Not Fair

by Lauren Crofton 06/04/2016
As some of you may already know, a Renaissance fair is a gathering of people celebrating what’s known in England as the Middle Ages (or other historical periods such as the Medieval or Viking era). Mainly popular in American culture they can include period inspired entertainment, food, costumes and stalls. Despite being based on English […]

I Got Love For You if You Are Based on The ’80s

by MrCraiggyon 01/07/2015
Hands up who remembers the 80s? No? Me neither, considering I was only born in ’86. But if the cinema of that era has taught me anything, it’s that it was a decade filled with explosions, montages, excessive shoulder pads and outrageous hairstyles. I’m Craig, one of the newbies here at GP, and I’d like […]

Hammer of the Gods — 4 GPPs

by Andrew Corbanon 19/06/2013
Would you like something to leave on in the background of YOUR D&D campaign? Have a new bong you’d like to try out? Do you enjoy underwhelming combat in psuedo-historical action films? Well, then I’ve got news for YOU! This film is chock-full of action movie tropes and cliches. The film plays out like a […]

Vikings! Beards, Axes and Blood.

by Andrew Corbanon 10/06/2013
  Straight to the point: Vikings will draw you in and take you for a violent, blood sodden ride that’ll leave you wanting more. Vikings is written by Michael Hirst (Same writer of award winning The Tudors) for the Canadian television channel History. This gem of a TV series that is Vikings seemed to have […]