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Deadpool Guest Stars in Honest Trailers does Deadpool

by Becca Harperon 10/05/2016
Web series Honest Trailers go from strength to strength and this time they have truly outdone themselves. In this Deadpool edition Voice Over Guy is joined by actual Deadpool who stopped by to lend a hand. Though it’s obvious the Screen Junkie folks loved the film – which of course they did – they still […]

The Away Mission – A Star Trek Inspired Comedy Love Letter

by redshirtjamieon 01/05/2016
Web series! YouTube channels! Comedy shows set in space! There are a billion of them these days, all screaming for your attention. Some are amazing, some are not so amazing. I would very much like to introduce you to a web series that I firmly believe is QUITE GOOD. Full disclosure. It’s one of mine. […]

Zeldamotion – A Link To The Past

by Daniel Delargyon 18/09/2014
Let’s play word association – when someone says to you ‘Legend of Zelda’, what is it you immediately think of? The Legendary Triforce? The titular Princess? That mute with the sword, who only seems to speak using the words ‘huh’ and ‘hyah!’ Well…this fanimation lends a voice to the character – something I haven’t seen since […]

Nights at the Round Table – a rib tickling web series for tabletop gamers

by Becca Harperon 12/10/2013
Welcome gamers one and all!  Allow me introduce you to a new and very promising web series. Nights of the Round Table -from Redshirtfilms, is a fortnightly comedy based around one gaming groups search for a fifth player. Opening with a dramatic fail,  episode one introduces us to the four; Max (Arron Dennis) – it’s […]

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Eps 5 (FINAL EPISODE!)

by Matt Gearyon 02/11/2012
Well ladies and gents, it’s the last episode before the game comes out and I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear. The whole 5 episodes were a joy to watch and have really got me excited about the game. Here’s hoping they put some more thought into a movie, as after this series […]