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Happy 25th Birthday Internet! 25 Things we wouldn’t have without you

by James Woodheadon 12/03/2014
Today’s world couldn’t exist without the internet. From it’s humble beginnings as an exchange network between mainframe systems to the sprawling interconnected universe of machines that our lives revolve around. You feel it when you go to work, when you pay your taxes, when you go to church…(well maybe not that last one…) although it’s fair […]

300: Rise of an Empire – Seize Your Glory Review

by James Buckinghamon 14/02/2014
If there’s one thing that appeals to the general red-blooded male sensibility it’s good old-fashioned carnage. So when Zack Snyder adapted Frank Miller‘s 300 for the big screen, I was in testosterone-soaked heaven… awesome choreography, blood and gore galore and it just looked so damn good. Now, we have the inevitable sequel on the horizon, and with […]

Amazon Don’t Get Zombie Kill Of The Week

by James Buckinghamon 17/05/2013
Amazon debuted the pilot for the Zombieland series directed by Eli Craig (Tucker & Dale vs Evil), and it seems that it’s a swing and a miss. And if you swing at a zombie and miss, it’s going to eat your face. So the Zombieland TV series is a no-go, and officially dead in the […]