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The Boys: Graphic Novel Overview

by Stephen Breweron 21/06/2013
Before I go further this needs to be made perfectly clear, this is not for the casual reader of graphic novels or somebody who is easily offended. The violence is extremely over the top, in almost the first panel you see 'Wee Hughie' holding the severed and bloody hands of his girlfriend. However even this pales in comparison to the treatment of a young female superhero trying to join ‘The Seven’ (a direct parody of The Justice League), which has to be seen to be believed.

Illustrator Scott Clark dies at the age of 43

by Andrew Corbanon 23/02/2013
It is with sad news that Geek Pride announces the passing of the top illustrator Scott Clark at the age of 43.  His family announced that following a long illness Scott passed a way this week. Scott Clark is best known for his crossover work for DC’s ‘Brightest Day’ and the Wildstorm title StormWatch. Clark […]