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Warcraft: The Beginning

by James Buckinghamon 01/06/2016
Video games have been created off the basis of films for a long time now, which seems to work out very well, However when the process is reversed and a movie is based on a game, there seems to be some kind of curse that means they’re instantly going to be terrible. I’m glad to […]

World of Warcraft 360 gryphon ride

by Matt Gearyon 14/07/2015
Well apparently 360 videos are a thing now! This amazing video lets you pan 360 degrees as your gryphon’s soars over Stormwind……Even now, after 8 years of being clean from Warcraft, THEY are still trying to bring me back… it’s… it’s, so beautiful! Prepare to soar through the epic world of Azeroth in this official 360 […]

The Evolution of the JRPG: Then and Now

by Nick Hancheton 29/12/2014
(Note: This article refers mostly to the Final Fantasy series for examples but the vast majority of points are relevant for all titles early on in the JRPG genre.) The Japanese RPGs of yesteryear and very much dead and buried. Turn-based battles are, for the most part, a thing of the past. Random battles are occasionally […]

Pokemon TCG coming to iPad

by Bevan Clatworthyon 22/08/2014
An exciting development for fans of the Pokemon TCG out there. An image has been leaked and later confirmed of a Pokemon TCG app for the iPad! Whether this will be cross platform is yet unknown, since the PokeTCG has been available online for quite some time already. However, with the huge popularity of the […]

World of Warcraft’s 2,057 Achievements Unlocked

by Nick Hancheton 22/04/2014
My first experience with World of Warcraft was during my GCSE study leave, shortly after the release of The Burning Crusade back in 2007 (Yes, do the maths; I am most definitely the Geek Pride baby, rattle and all) and I immediately fell in love with it. My brief trial period ended with me wanting […]

WildStar: The future king of paid MMO’s?

by Sai Mealingon 22/04/2014
From an outsider perspective, the world of MMO’s is a funny old one. As someone who typically never plays the same game for any longer than a few hours and has a tendancy to move from one online shooter to the next, I’ve never quite understood the desire to stick with the same game for […]

World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit Is Real

by James Buckinghamon 07/09/2013
Are you a massive World of Warcraft Geek? Do you know your Paladins from your Warlocks? Do you want to have that satisfied, smug look on your face when you out-geek your other WoW-playing friends? Well you’re in luck! Blizzard have announced that World of Warcraft Trivial Pursuit is coming out soon, featuring approximately 600 […]

The Fall (& Rise?) of the MMO

by Rik O'Neillon 20/08/2013
About ten years ago (give or take a decade) there was one genre of PC game that epitomized geekdom. That genre was the MMORPG. The refuge of the socially awkward and the morbidly obese (according to the popular press) these addictive online games thwarted the ambitions of students (who ended up spending hundreds of hours […]

Cosplay Interview # 2 Monika Lee

by Matt Gearyon 25/10/2012
Our second Cosplayer of this interview series is from the States (U S A.. U S A), is called Monika and, like Svetlana before her, has a wide variety of very detailed, well thought out and hand made costumes; from Little Sister (Bioshock), to Rogue from X-Men.  A talented and seasoned Cosplayer, Monika has won […]

Cosplayer Interview #1 Svetlana Quindt AKA Kamui

by Matt Gearyon 21/10/2012
Blog: FB : Twitter: Our first Cosplayer hails from Germany, is called Svetlana (AKA Kamui) and has some of the best looking costumes I have ever seen; all made by her fair hand no less. Mostly Blizzard inspired, they are detailed, well crafted and simply look fantastic! But that’s not what impresses me most about Svetlana, […]