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WWE’s heartbreaking tribute to Connor The Crusher

by Craig Humpageon 18/05/2014
It’s now been a week since this video was published on YouTube. It has now amassed over 2 million views, or at least that’s the video I saw. It’s been re-uploaded by many parties, and this version that I have posted here was published by an account named “WWE GC” – it’s the only video […]

WWE: An Early Bird preview of Wrestlemania

by Craig Humpageon 18/03/2014
So the whole card may not yet be announced, but the main event matches are all there. This year’s Wrestlemania looks set to be possibly the best of all time. Despite having been disgruntled for many months, most wrestling fans are now eagerly anticipating the 30th anniversary of the Showcase of the Immortals, and there […]

WWE: Could there be hope for Smackdown yet?

by Craig Humpageon 17/02/2014
WWE SMACKDOWN 14/02/14 ONTARIO, CA In recent years, WWE Smackdown has been considered a second rate show by many wrestling fans. The company do a good job of making it appear minor league in comparison to the flagship show Raw. That is why the latest episode shocked myself and a lot of other people. We […]

WWE 2K14 Review

by David Roseon 09/11/2013
It’s that time of year again. Another year, another yearly instalment in the series of grapplers based on Vince McMahon’s ever-popular pro wrestling monopoly. However in the run up to this year’s game a few potentially interesting things have changed. THQ are now out of the picture, going bankrupt last year, and now 2K Games, […]