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Beware the…..Where did it go?

by Stephen Breweron 30/10/2013
Lovers of the DC hero Batman were drooling at the prospect of the new cartoon series, ‘Beware the Batman’. With a distinctly new animation style and the prospect of seeing their favourite villains once again, was more than enough to get fans to the edge of their seats. It premiered back in July and was […]

DC’s New 52 Reveal: LOBO

by LadyNoctison 24/08/2013
There has been a lot of changes within DC Comics, especially since the launch of DC’s New 52 reboot. We’ve seen a lot of radical changes to characters within the DC universe, mostly within their female characters; where they have been altered drastically *cough*Harley Quinn*cough* specifically for the launch of this reboot. Now I won’t […]

Save Our Cartoons!

by Laura Maieron 01/04/2013
As fans of the DCAU will no doubt know (and be appropriately outraged by) Cartoon Network has cancelled the two most popular shows in its DC Nation segment- Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.  This is bad enough in the case of GL:TAS, which had an odd style of 3D animation which I […]