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The Girl With All The Gifts Trailer

by Daniel Delargyon 22/06/2016
Finally, we have a trailer for the adaptation of The Girl With All The Gifts, a zombie horror thriller written by long-time author M R Carey. Mike Carey has worked as a writer for years now, and has worked on titles such as Lucifer and Hellblazer, as well as several titles for the X-Men and the Ultimate Universe. He has is also notable for being […]

Zombie Attack on NYC: Best Zombie Prank Ever

by Becca Harperon 20/01/2014
Can zombies live amongst us? It is a discussion we have had on the Geek Pride Podcast and to cut a long story short we decided that zombies would probably be awarded rights and we’d all just have to a little more cautious in our everyday life.  This video from Lala Brown  also wanted to see […]

Zombie Apocalypse – Household Weaponry

by Becca Harperon 21/04/2013
Once again your Geek Pride Zombie Apocalypse Health and Safety Officer is here with some sound advice about weapons. First of all… The Walking Dead, for the most part , is great and though they do some really stupid things they seems to have an endless supply of awesome weaponry, ideal for dealing with the […]

TV station Hacked and Zombie Apocalypse Warning Aired

by Becca Harperon 12/02/2013
  Your Geek Pride Zombie Apocalypse Health and Safety Officer here! We all sometimes wish the ZA would come so we can revel at everyone else’s failings to properly prepare. So imagine you are in Montana, tuning into the scheduled Steve Wilkos show ready to find out if the featured teen cheaters pass their lie […]

Zombie Apocalypse – Food Cupboard Essentials

by Becca Harperon 05/02/2013
Okay, so yes I do have a little obsession with surviving the Zombie Apocalypse but that is not a bad thing, in fact it is a very wise thing because you just never know. So I thought I would share a few tasty tips to add to your food cupboard in preparation for the undead disaster, ‘cos […]

Zombie Survival Team 8 – Cristina Bogdan

by Cristina Bogdanon 17/01/2013
“The world is shit.” I turned my head in the direction of the voice and I rolled my eyes, it figures it was going to be Harper that stated the obvious. I gave him a pointed look resisting the urge to flip him off, mostly because there was a kid in the room and really, […]

GEEKS MEAN BIG PRIZES 2 – Zombie Apocalypse Special ( all entries by 12/02/2013)

by Matt Gearyon 12/01/2013
Some of you, if you check the Site and or FB regularly will know, over the last few months, we have been running a Zombie Apocalypse, Survival Team challenge, where in the writers of Geek Pride have been coming up with fantasy survival teams to ride out the ZA. There are still a few of […]

UK Government prepared for Zombie Apocalypse, no seriously

by Becca Harperon 26/12/2012
If you are reading this and you are clever then I am certain you have a Z Day plan ready. Whether it’s in your head or in a beautifully bound leather book, a plan is in place. So it is quite reassuring to read that the British government is also prepared. According to the Daily […]

Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse – Survival #4 Team SKB

by Andrew Corbanon 10/12/2012
It’s 10:04pm, on this wet and windy winters night.  Breaking news interrupts on the television… ‘News just in. We have several reports of members of public being attacked by, what the authorities are calling…. Wait this can’t be right… Stan have you got this correct?.. I’m sorry Great Britain, we thank you for your patience…’ […]

Writers Challenge: Zombie Apocalypse Team #2(Ben)

by Ben Feeon 25/11/2012
The sergeant and I heft the last of the rotting cadavers onto the pyre before heading back into the cave to join the others. The stiff Cheshire breeze is in our favour tonight and carries the smoke of burning corpses across the potted landscape of Alderley Edge instead of deeper into our sandstone sanctuary. The […]