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Tap Heroes. Real Heroes Tap!

Tap Heroes


Tap Heroes!  Real Heroes Tap! 

Over the past year or so, there has been a veritable panoply of “Idle” games released.  In this exceedingly crowded Idle Game market, it is rare to find a game that stands out for its simplicity and its addictiveness.  Tap Heroes, however, is one such game.

Tap Heroes, like many such Idle games revolves around you, the player, clicking on enemies in order to progress.  Or, you can leave your “Heroes” to battle the enemies themselves.
Tap Heroes Gameplay
What is interesting about Tap Heroes is that there is a “Healing” system in place.  Unlike many other games of this type, your Hero takes damage from the monsters he battles.  Taking too much damage can quickly see you in some serious trouble.  You have the option of clicking frantically on your hero to heal him, or, hiring a Mage to automatically heal your Hero.

As the game progresses the enemies become even harder and do more damage to your heroes.  Luckily, defeating an enemy gets you loot.  You get to spend this loot on upgrading your heroes to deal more damage or take more damage, or on upgrading your own clicking power to also deal more damage or heal damage inflicted upon your Hero.

Tap Heroes has a beautiful, retro, 8-bit graphical style for the characters and is a real pleasure to watch.  The animations flow smoothly, and seeing the monsters wince in pain when they are hit is a real joy.

Tap Heroes Gameplay

There are more than 70 different monsters and bosses in the game, spread across 10 distinct regions.  This, combined with a veritable plethora of achievements and Trading Cards unlockable exclusively on Steam make Tap Heroes a potentially limitless game.

Tap Heroes EnemiesIn all, if you enjoy “Idle” type games, I would heartily recommend Tap Heroes.  It is simple, fun, good to look at and a nice way to pass the time whilst waiting for your guild to log on to steam so you can all go on your next raid.

Developed by VaragtP, Tap Heroes is available via Ad Supported Flash releases on various Flash Gaming sites, or available via Steam Here.

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