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Review of Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

The 9th Doctor is the one that many, including myself, would like to have seen with a longer run on the TV show. Christopher Eccelston’s portrayal brought a new era of Doctor Who and put the term Whovian back in mainstream. But with only one season with 9, fans often wonder what could have been.

Cover A
Cover A

Doctormania is the first issue and the start of a three part story. Whovian’s will find themselves thrown back into the adventures of the Doctor and Rose in the ongoing series from Titan Comics. With Rose and Captain Jack by his side the Doctor finds himself attracting unwanted attentions of a fangirl on an alien world similar to ours for their love of celebrity obsession, selfies and hard core fans. When the Doctor and Jack get themselves arrested for identity theft, Rose heads off to find out exactly what is going on. This first part of three ends with the reveal of a familiar enemy.

The great thing about this issue is that I am able to imagine the characters we know and love delivering the dialogue, it doesn’t feel out of place and is keeping with the characters. Cavan Scott has written the 9th Doctor in last years mini-series and it’s clear he knows these characters.

The 9th Doctor #1

The story is instantly captivating with action from the start, a little TARDIS time and a new world to explore, it also eludes to a larger story arc without taking away from the immediate adventure. It is fun, intriguing and a little bit meta however the choice of enemy feels a little over used at this point and fans may want to see something new. From a writers point of view there is a tendency to go with what you know will hook fans of the 9th Doctor’s season and I must confess I smiled at the reveal.

The artwork from Adriana Melo is impressive, perfectly capturing the likeness and facial expressions of the Doctor and Rose, though I didn’t feel this was done as well with Captain Jack. The quality of the drawing fits nicely in to the whole experience of familiarity and doesn’t distract you from the story at hand. This first issue is available with a number of variants including artwork from Shea Standefer and Blair Shedd. 

The 9th Doctor
Variant Covers

With writing and artwork this fantastic, I’m looking forward to the next issue and finding comfort in reading the adventures we didn’t get to witness. Fans of Doctor Who should add this to their read pile, particulary those missing the 9th Doctor and Rose.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 hits comics stores and digital platforms on April 13.


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