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Top 10 Game of Thrones Duos: Romance, Bromance and Captivity

pg1LvMZIn the world of Westeros and beyond, there’s not much time for hearts and flowers and it’s more pillage and chill than a cuddle up on the couch. We’ve certainly had our share of tragedies and incest-tastic couples, but it’s not all about the romance.

Throughout Game of Thrones we’ve been given some of the best bromances and partnerships in the Seven Kingdoms. In no particular order, I’m going to run through the best duos we’ve seen on screen so far. Queue the music.

1. Daenerys and Drogo


Okay, so the first duo on my list is one of the very few actual couples to make it here. Whilst Dany and Drogo wasn’t a relationship that lasted very long, not even making a whole season, it’s the one that’s undoubtedly had the biggest impact on the show so far. If it weren’t for the arranged marriage, there’s little question that Daenerys wouldn’t be where she was today, ready to battle for her title as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Our Mother of Dragons would probably be sat at home with the still-breathing Viserys, perhaps forced into some unwanted incest of her own.

Dany soon fell in love with her magnificent Khal and they certainly had their adorable romantic moments, making his departure from the show an unpleasant one. Living with Drogo and the Dothraki made Dany strong, gave her the power and courage that she needed to eventually lead her own army, along with her very own dragon babies. Still alive and kicking as our Khaleesi even after the loss of her sun and stars, she refused to join the Dosh Khaleen and united the entire Khalasar to fight for her.

2. Davos Seaworth and Shireen Baratheon

Ser Davos’ friendship with the littlest and sweetest Baratheon was fundamental in building up his character to be the charming Geordie that we still know and love today. Shireen was isolated due to her Dragonscale, also aided by her religious nut of a Mother and Stannis being busy trying to take over the world. Ser Davos befriended the young girl and she taught him to read, giving us some rather heart-warming scenes earlier in the show. Davos was absent for Shireen’s traumatic sacrifice, but after last week’s ‘Battle of the Bastards’, it looks as though he’s finally discovered what happened to the Princess. Tomorrow’s finale could see him finally avenge her death as he confronts Melisandre and I’m really hoping that he doesn’t sacrifice himself in the process.

3. Arya and The Hound

Easily one of the best partnerships we’ve seen in Westeros is that of Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane, more commonly referred to as the Hound. Whilst Arya was initially the Hound’s captive to sell off to a potential buyer, it’s also important to note that he also rescued her and he could have easily sold her to the Lannister’s, with the little Stark surely having quite the price on her head. Throughout the show he searched for remaining Starks, and later family in the Vale, that would pay a ransom for Arya.

As their journey together continued, it became one of a mentor and pupil, with the Hound fuelling Arya’s blood lust and playing a vital role in the progression of her character as we know it. Their banter was superb and something I looked forward to each episode, ultimately moving towards the moment in which she left him to die alone. With the Hound recently making his fabulous return (huzzah!), I’m hoping for a reunion in the not too distant future, perhaps one that won’t end in his demise…

4. Jon and Ygritte


Time for another semi-couple on the list, with Jon Snow and his Wildling lover, Ygritte. Whilst Jon used Ygritte to get closer to Mance Rayder, she certainly gave him some of her fierce nature and helped him to become a stronger person, which played a crucial role in getting him to where he is today. Despite their differences and penchant for shooting each other, Jon ultimately fell in love with Ygritte and his relationship with her began to sow the seeds of doubt in his mind regarding his position in the Night’s Watch. Their relationship also gave us one of the best lines in the show, with her iconic line ‘you know nothing, Jon Snow’ (*sniff*).

5. Tyrion and Bronn


It’s bromance-o’-clock now, with the ultimate banter duo. More recently we’ve seen a great partnership between Bronn and Jaime, but it’s been his relationship with Tyrion that really kicked things off. After meeting Bronn on the road to the Eyrie, he won Tyrion over with his offer to fight for him in a trial by combat. With the unlikeliest of friendships, Bronn the sell sword and Tyrion the nobleman fast became one of the best duos on Game of Thrones and the best bromance on TV, delivering the best lines on the show. With the promise of all the gold and ladies he could want, Bronn stuck by Tyrion until Cersei twisted his arm with a tasty bribe. However, Jaime soon swayed him and the two became thick as thieves, with hopefully another reunion on the cards for Bronn and Tyrion.

6. Ramsay and Theon


Less of a bromance here, with the recently deceased Bolton Bastard and poor Theon Greyjoy. After capturing Theon and removing his, erm, manhood, Ramsay transformed him into his loyal servant, ‘Reek’. Reek played a crucial role in helping Ramsay to gain power, but has perhaps since redeemed himself in rescuing Sansa from the Bolton Bastard. I was hoping that Theon would be the one to finish Ramsay off, but I think being eaten alive by his own hounds was just as fitting. However, this photo is glorious.


7. Daenerys and Jorah


Ahh, Lord Friendzone, how we love your devotion to the Mother of Dragons. Despite initially being part of a plot to get rid of Daenerys, Jorah soon became her most loyal and courageous follower. Forever branded as Lord Friendzone, his undying love for our dragon Queen has been both hilarious and heart-warming and I can’t help but feel for the guy every time he utters ‘Khaleesi’. Their recent exchange regarding his stoney fate was without a doubt my favourite yet, with Jorah finally declaring his love for Dany. I really hope that he finds a cure next season and returns to his Queen, but I’m afraid it’s permanent friend zone for Jorah and his puppy-dog eyes.

8. Brienne and Jaime


THIS. This needs to happen, for reals. Brienne of Tarth is one of my favourite characters in the show, with her relationship with Jaime turning him into another. Their journey together to King’s Landing made a changed man of Jaime, showing an entirely different personality to the one that threw Bran out of a window in season one. The loss of his hand and him rescuing Brienne from the bear aided his transformation, but it was his relationship with her that truly changed him for the better.

Giving Brienne his Valyrian steel sword was the ultimate sign of trust and affection, and I’m really hoping that she doesn’t end up fighting him with it. In recent events we have seen Jaime begin to revert back to his former self, pushed by Marcella’s death and his quest to please Cersei in every way he can (eww). His last exchange with Brienne saw that glimmer of hope yet, but he’s so deeply embedded in his quest for Cersei that he may be too far gone. Bronn finally said what we were all thinking regarding the duo though, asking Pod if he thought they were getting a little hanky panky in the tent, put a little less eloquently, mind.

The trailer for the finale sees him dining with Walder Frey and I’m more than a little concerned for his fate. Will he go rogue and wreak revenge on the Freys? Or perhaps someone else will rock up to do just that and Jaime will be caught in the crossfire. Whatever the outcome, I think a conflict is on the cards for the King Slayer.

9. Brienne and Tormund


I’m sorry Jaime, but it looks like there may be a fight for Brienne’s affections in the way of Tormund Giantsbane and his big beard. The few exchanges the two have had so far have been utterly fabulous, with everyone suddenly jumping on board the Brienne and Tormund train. The pair would make an excellent couple and it’s just wonderful to see Tormund’s softer side and Brienne on the receiving end of some love, which she more than deserves right now after her majorly crushing on both Renley and Jaime in the past. As much as I love Brienne and Jaime together, I’d love to see more between these two.

10. Cersei and Wine


Finally, what’s a Game of Thrones list without the inclusion of the resident Queen bitch? Poor Cersei hasn’t really had much luck with love besides her incest-tastic relationship with Jaime, so this is the best that I could come up with. Rarely seen apart, Cersei and wine form the ultimate partnership.


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