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Valar Morghulis: New Teasers Reveal New Conflict for Game of Thrones

If anyone has perfected the art of twisting the waiting game into a horribly excruciating experience, it’s HBO. Fans around the world are on the edge of their seats, eager and desperate for any new glimpses of information regarding the highly anticipated fourth season of Game of Thrones. HBO certainly delivers. Another instalment of teasers were released by the network yesterday, showcasing the troupe of fan favourites: Daenerys, Tyrion, and the litter of remaining Starks.

This season, in particular, seems to be focusing on the (slightly eerie) High Valyrian phrase, “Valar Morghulis”, translated into the Common Tongue, “All Men Must Die”. The twenty new character posters unveiled along with the teasers all echo the same phrase. Though, as is true to HBO, they refuse to give us any clear details on the upcoming season, but they haven’t left us completely high and dry. From the information we’re given, the major issues become clear concerning the subjects of each trailer, despite how vague they may be.



Over the past two seasons, we’ve seen Tyrion’s control of his own fate slip steadily from his grasp. The world is moving quickly all around him, and this upcoming season proves to be another, rather dangerous misstep for everyone’s favorite wisecracking imp. We find him enchained and cynical as ever within the black cells beneath the Red Keep. Last time we were here it was way back in season one, and it didn’t fare well for Ned Stark. Only time will tell how and why Tyrion’s there, and what it means for the integrity of his head.



In Essos, the dragons are growing, and quickly. Between a rather busy schedule of conquering and ruling, Daenerys has seemingly let the discipline of her children fall through her fingers. They seem to have grown wild and unruly— which for a two year old human might be manageable, though when the subjects in question are three massive, fire-breathing reptiles, the difficulty grows exponentially. The young queen will have to reassess her priorities if she hopes to soon sail for Westeros, and reclaim the throne that was lost to her.


The Starks

Amid Westeros, the Starks are wounded and scattered, each with their own fates, but connected by their wolf blood. Jon is newly acquainted with his Brothers on the Wall with the Wildling forces eminent, while in the South, Littlefinger’s grip on Sansa seems to be tightening. Arya is out for blood, but still in the company of the hound despite her vow to slay him; Bran continues North in search of the Three Eyed Crow, and even less is known of Rickon’s whereabouts. In the wake of the Red Wedding, the fate of the Starks seems bleak, but will the wolves return again, ravenous for the blood of those who betrayed them? We’ll have to wait and see.

The resounding message is clear, however, if you think the death, destruction, and utter pain of the Red Wedding was unbearable, you’re in for a horrendous wake up call. There’s definitely more to come.



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