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5 Great Gaming aps to help pass the time

by on 26/11/2014

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the days of that pixelated, apple eating snake… why did it eat apples anyway? It’s a snake.. do they even eat apples?! Anyway, despite its strange eating habits, ‘Snake’ could arguably be counted as one of the most successful mobile games ever, with nearly every person I know having it on their phone at one time or another.

Time has obviously moved on and people want more from their mobile gaming than a pixelated reptiel. So we thought it would be a good idea to point you in the direction of 5 great games to try and help pass some of that dead time while you wait on that bus, in that endless traffic jam.

Trenches II – The newest adaptation of stupidly addictive WW1 Side scrolling, wave battle game, will literally take up hours of your life as you fight your way through trenches, barbed wire and enemy soldiers. Neat addition to this version, over Trenches 1, is the ability to use Tanks and flame throwers….POW!

Flight Control – Its an oldie and that last minute go to game when you have some time to burn. Guide planes into a safe landing at different airports and landing strips.. sounds easy; it’s not. As time increases so does the speed and amount of air traffic, as well as the different types of craft, with different speeds, and guess what? THEY ALL WANT TO LAND!.

Take your eye off the game for one second and you have a full landing pattern, with a jumbo jet full of nuns about to collide with a young family on their first helicopter ride….. if only you had been quicker!

Casino App (developed by – We all like to have a bit of a flutter now and again, be it the lottery or even a trip to the casino on a Friday night, after a few brus. Well this way you can have a bit of a dabble while waiting for a drink at the bar or just waiting for your mates. From casino classic games like; roulette and blackjack, through to huge jackpot slots, there are plenty of winning opportunities!


Walking Dead Season 1 & 2 – so you are waiting for a flight, or you missed your bus and have a lot of time to burn then how about delving into the post apocalyptic world of the Walking Dead with Telltails Walking Dead game? Possibly one of the most traumatising and yet addictive games around. Point and click your way through tough situations, making tough choices and hoping that in the end they were the right ones.

Snake Classic – Ok we could quite get rid of it could we; once a classic, always a classic. Maneuver your apple munching snake around the screen and be the envy of all your friends, because you know deep down that score on your old Nokia, needs to be beaten.

So there we have it, 5 game for you to have a goosey gander at when you have some down time… you’re welcome!