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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibos and Wolf Link Support Revealed

by on 14/06/2016

Today’s Nintendo Treehouse event has brought good news for any Zelda fans that purchased the Wolf Link and Midna Amiibo along with the Twilight Princess HD remaster for the Wii U. Whilst we’re missing a partner character such as Navi or Midna for the upcoming game, Breath of the Wild, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.

During the Treehouse event today, it has been announced that you can use the Wolf Link Amiibo to bring him to the world of the Wild. Using the Amiibo means that Wolf Link accompanies you during the game, helping out during combat and in hunting in order to help find food.

What’s the catch I hear you ask? When playing Breath of the Wild, when Wolf Link is brought to the game, he will have three hearts, or more if you used him during Twilight Princess HD. When playing the previous game, the point in which you completed the Cave of Shadows and tapped your Amiibo the the gamepad saved the amount of hearts that Wolf Link had. So, exciting news if you already own the Amiibo, as he’ll have those extra hearts. Once his life meter is depleted, Wolf Link will no longer be in the game. Not to fear, after 24 hours of real world time, you will be able to bring Wolf Link back to your game with his health restored.


For me, this is a really exciting feature as it’s something totally new to the game. I do enjoy the design of Amiibos, but at the moment they’re more of something to look pretty on my shelf than something to actually utilise during a game.

That’s not all for the Amiibos however, as three new ones will be released along with the game and they are incredible detailed and rather stunning. We have Archer Link, Rider Link complete with a horse and a Guardian Amiibo, which is the first of it’s kind to feature pose-able parts. The first two are gorgeous, but whilst the Guardian looks cool, it does look a little impractical. Perhaps something saved for the shelf. Regardless, all three do look rather fabulous and I’m sure we’ll hear more about their functionality at a later date.