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DarkMaus – Soulsborne Indie RPG released

by on 30/01/2016

With the success and critical acclaim of From Software’s ‘Souls’ games, and Bloodborne, it is perhaps unsurprising that the challenging action RPG has spawned its own genre of sorts. From the somewhat good Lords of the Fallen to the forthcoming Salt and Sanctuary, a number of other developers have taken their love for the Soulsborne games and tried to emulate the oppressive difficulty and meticulous design principles of Hidetaka Miyazaki.

The latest homage to be released is DarkMaus, a top-down adventure game with a distinctive art style and some interesting takes on the Soulsbourne tropes.

Developer Daniel Wright has been working on this games for quite some time, as is evidenced by this Reddit post back in 2014 which earned some interest and positive comments from the Dark Souls community, and the Let’s Plays I’ve seen of the game show a tight, well-designed and atmospheric offering.

If you have a few quid spare, and are hankering for something to tide you over between The Old Hunters and Dark Souls 3, you would be mad to overlook this Indie gem. Buy it on Steam here.