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E3 2015: NEW NIER FOR PS4!

by on 17/06/2015

Square Enix’s sleeper hit 2010 ACTION RPG NIER is getting a follow-up! It will be co-developed by Platinum Games

Announced at Square Enix’s E3 2015 press conference, this new NIER iteration is being directed by Taro Yoko, who took charge of the inceptive NIER  as well as Drakengard(

This upcoming NIER game was only announced for the PS4, implyng that it could be an exclusive. Fingers crossed, it will arrive to other platforms in future.

The game is a joint effort by Platinum’s Atsushi Inaba and Square’s Yosuke Saito. The former confirmed that the new NIER won’t be confined as an action game, similar to how Platinum Games molded stealth-based Metal Gear into a hack-and-slash affair in Revengeance.

I hope it will not deviate from its RPG roots too much while adding novelty to the PS4’s library of games.