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Game fan and Naughty Dog animator creates trailer for Dante’s Redemption

by on 22/08/2014


Back in 2010 EA released Dante’s Inferno, loosely based on literature classic Inferno by Dante Aligheri, the first of three acts that make up his work The Divine Comedy, with the player taking control of Dante. The game casts Dante as a crusader who despite his faith, has committed numerous atrocities during the Third Crusade. He ventures into the depths of Hell to free the soul of his beloved Beatrice, encountering the poet Virgil along the way, who acts as his guide.

Basing a game, a brutal action oriented game, on a literature classic was definitely a left field move and whilst it definitely owed a lot to the hit franchise God of War, it featured crisp production values  and a dark and disturbing tone, along with an impressive design aesthetic and creature design, thanks in part to the warped genius of concept artist Wayne Barlowe.  Whilst there’s no news on a follow up yet, one fan Tal Peleg, who just happens to be Senior Cinematics Animator at Naughty Dog (the developer behind Uncharted and The Last Of US) made his own trailer for a follow up, and it’s pretty amazing.

Peleg worked on the trailer inbetween jobs at the developer with the help of friends.

Am I the only one who wants to play this game?