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MGSV PC Disc Reportedly Contains… A Steam Installer. And That’s All.

by on 01/09/2015

I’m not as big of a PC gamer as I used to be since my graphics cards both quietly died, but I still love the medium. It offers flexibility and competition that the console market doesn’t offer, and we have the joys of Steam, GoG, and other brilliant services to offer competition.

However, PC gamers have to put up with some incredible bullshit, and Konami – the ‘drunken fratboy at a wake’ of the video games world – have decided to ply us with a unique kind of horror. An early copy of the game seems to have gotten into the hands of twitter user @Graphure, who reports the following:

That’s right. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for the PC contains nothing but a Steam installation file. If you, being the fool that you are, bought the game on a physical medium because you have sporadic internet connection, for example, then it sucks to be you as owning a physical copy of the game gets you the same amount of content as going to

Anyone who buys a PC version of MGSV is getting only a key for Steam, nothing more. People buy the discs so, for example, they can play the game immediately on purchase, not waiting the 8+ hours for a 28Gb set of files to be downloaded on a decent connection. They buy it to play should they not have any internet connection for that weekend, say because they’re moving house or changing providers. I actually can’t believe this needs to be stated, but owning a copy of the game should mean owning a copy of the game. Perhaps an outdated one that needs to be patched, sure, but you still own the files capable of running MGSV, not the key which allows you access to download it.

Whilst it should be noted that this is an unsubstantiated report for now, this has been picked up by multiple gaming outlets, and seems to broadly be legitimate. If true, this is another example, though, of Konami being arses. It shouldn’t be surprising, but it is. Seriously, #FucKonami.