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Nintendo Switch Unveiled

by on 20/10/2016

After over a year of mystery and the codename ‘NX’, Nintendo have finally unveiled their new console, Nintendo Switch. Released as soon as March 2017, the console received a brief unveiling via Nintendo’s website this afternoon.


Nintendo Switch will be a total hybrid of a console, incorporating handheld gaming and a system used at home. The focus of the reveal has definitely been the ability of the console to switch into multiple different modes, enabling gaming at home, on the go and with friends. The system can be connected to the big screen with functions to enable you to take a smaller screen away as a portable console, as well as even detaching mini control pads to split between friends, bringing multi-functionality to a whole new level.


Another key feature of the console is the movement backwards to games cartridges, which makes complete sense considering the portable nature of the system. Also, was that Skyrim we see being played? Third party involvement could be a huge game changer for Nintendo, which looks pretty darn exciting. After an incredibly short unveiling earlier today, we can expect to hear much more detail over the coming months, perhaps even over the next few days.