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Sony on the Naughty List? PSN hacked for Christmas

by on 26/12/2014

In case you’ve been too busy buying and wrapping presents this December to keep up with the news, Sony has been recovering from ‘hacks’ into their email system, purportedly over the release of The Interview. The same ‘hackers’ – who likely had some help from inside of Sony to breach their amazing digital fortresses – promised a Christmas present for Sony.

Which seems to have taken the form of the a DDoS attack on PSN.

18monjsooq0jljpg, and multiple other analysts, have reported for most of Christmas Day that one of the largest DDoS attacks Sony has seen battered them over the Christmas period, one likely magnified by the number of new consoles which will have been trying to connect following Santa’s latest set of deliveries.

Multiple groups are attempting to claim responsibility for this hack, which could be as a result of people trolling Sony atop the promised attack, but all they’ve managed to do is annoy children and adult children who’ve tried to use their new consoles on Christmas.

With Sony apparently on the Naughty List this year, I imagine most of those will be on the same list next year.