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Sugru’s Rebel Tech Kit

by on 04/09/2016



Incredibly adaptable and functional.


Small samples, so big projects may require several packs.

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A genuinely useful addition to any geeks or techie’s toolkit.


Looking for something for that special geek in your life who has everything? Well, Sugru may well have the answer with their Rebel Tech Kit.

Part plasticine and part superglue; Sugru is mouldable glue that, once set, retains its form and adhesiveness to whatever it is moulded to.  Basically, unroll some Sugru, apply it where you want it, mould it shape, and then leave the Sugru to set.  Naturally, anyone who is even vaguely imaginative, or who has ever picked something up and wondered “what happens, if…” can instantly see the hundreds of possible uses that Sugru can be put to.

However, buying someone a tub of mouldable glue does not sound the most appealing of presents, and as such the creators of Sugru developed the Rebel Tech Kit.

The Rebel Tech Kit comes with four sachets of Sugru (stored in a compact tin with a moulding pick), plus a small entertaining handbook introducing readers to the various solutions that Sugru can be used for.  These range from fixing phone mounts on bikes to moulding game controllers for your hands.  The final project was the most interesting, and involved using Sugru, a Raspberry Pi, a tripod and an old webcam to make your own security camera.  It is also incredibly useful for mending cables, where the sleeve has become damaged

So far we have used Sugru for fixing a cracked freezer shelf and a repairing a seal on a children’s toy.  I am also planning, having recently rediscovered the joys of biking, to use one of the sachets of Sugru to attach a phone mount to my bike.

I should add that the Sugru comes in four distinct colours (red, green, grey and black) for those wanting to colour-coordinate their modifications.  Coloured glue may seem a weird choice, but given this is mouldable, and can be used so that it is on display, being able to colour coordinate your personalisation is incredibly useful.

Calling this a “Rebel Tech Kit” is a bit of an exaggeration, as it is not so much a kit, but a selection of Sugru in a compact case with a handy instruction book.  Nonetheless, the Rebel Kit Tech is a genuinely useful, if not essential, addition to any geeks or techie’s Christmas stockings.