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Upwards Lonely Robot Geek Pride Review

by on 18/04/2016

Kasedo Games


Simple and easy to play
Highly customisable gameplay
Controller support


Gets old fast
Better suited to mobile gaming

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Bottom Line

A great little game but don't expect to waste too much time on it.


We review Upwards, Lonely Robot for the PC.

Upwards, Lonely Robot is a tower climber where you, the lonely robot, are tasked with getting as high as you can whist dodging enemies and avoiding falling to your death. You must also work to collect as much juice as you can before your “reserves” run out. Either make it to the top or keep going in endless mode!

The game features many configurable components allowing you to customise almost every aspect of the game mechanics as well as a matchmaking system to allow player to race each other to the top.

Our team put together a video review;