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WearCam, the future of action cameras?

by on 12/09/2016

Well, this is different – a stripped-down wearable camera that focuses on the core essentials for action cams.

The shape and size of a macaroon, and weighing in at just 26g, WearCam is an uncomplicated action camera. It takes 5 megapixel photos and offers high-definition video recording, with the latter recording nearly 2 hours of footage in a continuous stretch with a single charge.

A single click of the capture button takes a picture, whilst a 3-second press begins recording video.  The WearCam can also be used in a time-lapse mode.  Unlike conventional cameras the WearCam has no viewfinder and relies instead on a wide-angle lens to capture what you want.

The WearCam is available now on Amazon and a review of this device will be published in a few weeks, where I will attempt to see how many different uses I can find for it and how much I can, for wont of a better phrase, “dick around with it”…