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X-Men #1 — 6 GPPs


I could not WAIT to read this. Admittedly, I’ve been out of the comic book game since I was a teen. My New Year’s resolution was to read more comics and Lovecraft. I’m generally not drawn to the superhero side of the comic world but I’ve always liked Marvel’s stable of classic characters. So, I really wanted to give this a go.


There was a lot of hype surrounding this reboot given that the team was all female. I never really got why this was such a big deal. Does it really matter which bridge officers you take with you on your away mission? I love them all so any combination is cool with me.

What really made me want to read it was the cover. Coipel and Martin put together a truly gorgeous piece of art. My favorite is mohawk Storm. Could you get any more badass?? (No. No you can’t.)

mohawkstorm The whole line-up of characters is really inviting. Psylocke, Jubilee, Rogue, Storm, Kitty Pryde and Rachael Grey all promise some serious storytelling opportunities.

The first issue is the initial installment of a three part story arc called Primer. After a quick re-introduction to the superhero milieu, I had to engage some serious popcorning. This is when you ignore major errors in logic in favor of fun.

In the first few pages we learn of a huge explosion in a European city. This is followed by Jubilee smuggling a baby through an airport while being followed by bad guy named John Sublime. He arrives at Mutant High ahead of Jubilee. She travels by train to the same destination.


First, no one knows about this international terrorist incident. Jubilee is the first to inform her fellow X-Men. I find it hard to believe that there isn’t a 24 hour news cycle in this world. Secondly, how did Jubilee get an orphaned baby with no papers through the airport? Wouldn’t airport security be a lot tighter after a terrorist explosion? And finally, I’m not really sure how the Newtonian mechanics on Rogue derailing the train was supposed to work, but it didn’t look right to me. (Maybe I’m just being a little Aristotelian on that bit though.)


Anyway, I really hope Wood and Schaeffer resolve some of these shortcomings in the coming issues. I found it to be somewhat distracting but I munched on my popcorn all the same. The only other pet peeve I had was the name of the villain, Arkea…as in archaebacteria. WARNING: If you are currently studying general biology you may grimace at all that cheese. (I might have to stop reading if there is ever a character named LUCA or Eukarion.)

However, I did enjoy the art very much. The art, panel to panel, is very impressive. As a cosplay enthusiast, I really liked the costumes of the characters. I hope these designs start making the rounds at cons if they haven’t already.

All in all, X-Men #1 was okay. I still want to read more but maybe I’d like to go a little lighter on the popcorn and cheese. (It’s a strange sensation…being back in spandex.) Give it a gander especially if you are fairly habituated to superhero comics.

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