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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Xcoser Doctor Strange “Eye of Agamotto” Necklace review

To say I’ve never reviewed a piece of cosplay jewelry before would be the god’s honest truth, actually, never even thought about it before. Until that is, a certain up and coming blockbuster started to produce some brilliant replicas from experienced sources and respectable shops online.

Doctor Strange is due for release later this year, but that doesn’t mean everyone hasn’t been inspired by the trailers that have been released! One such replica producing company Xcoser, gave us the opportunity to sample and review their “Eye of Agamotto” cosplay necklace from their line of Doctor Strange items that they have on offer.


After speaking with their team; who were very helpful, a necklace was posted to myself and reached me in record time for international shipping!


It was well packaged and clearly labelled, the box the necklace came in was beautiful! Hard shell with a cushioned interior and the logo of the company clearly printed in silver on the front. The necklace is made of resin/hard plastic and the attention to detail in the sculpt is fantastic, high resolution reference pictures must have been used in the production of this necklace and the sculptors have taken great care to get every engraving, detail and curve perfect.


The colouring on it is basic but in no means boring, remember this is cosplay; an almost aged gold for the main body and metallic silver for the detailed pieces with black for shaded areas. There is an impressive weight to it, while I was wearing it, it definitely makes you aware that it is there as most replicas are made so light that if it ever does come loose, losing it becomes more likely; luckily this is not the case.


Price wise? You get what you pay for and I have paid more for weaker quality. The 25.00 pound price tag is decent for what it is, as a gift or just an addition to your ever growing collection? It has my vote of confidence and an 4 out of 5 rating.


The only gripe i had with it, is the hole at the top of the main piece for the cord to go through. I felt with the way its sculpted, a loop could have easily been added like in the design of the the real ‘Eye’.

To check out the “Eye of Agamotto” and other cosplay items from Xcoser, head over to their website at www.Xcoser.com , facebook.com/Xcoser

I hope to be reviewing more from them soon, you should see the Flash stuff, Oh My God!

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