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BlazeRush Review (PC, PS3) – May Contain Explosions

by David Roseon 15/11/2014
There is a certain level of expectation with particular game studios, not necessarily a qualitative one, but an expectation that certain studios will create a certain kind of game with certain quirks and idiosyncrasies. You play a Codemasters racing game, for example, and you get a game which generally gives a mix of arcadey racing […]

Space Hulk Ascension Edition Review – Squad Broken?

by David Roseon 12/11/2014
Warhammer 40,000 sometimes gets a bum deal with its video games: the constraints of being a tabletop game with a massive universe have made genre translation a tough matter for developers. For every excellent game like Dawn of War, or even fun but flawed games like Space Marine and Dawn of War II, you have a glut of licensed fare that’s […]

BlazeRush blasts off onto PS3 and Steam!

by David Roseon 02/11/2014
Targem’s latest outing, BlazeRush exploded onto the PS3 and Steam today, a crazy manic top down racing game with combat elements, an emphasis on single screen insane multiplayer matches, item pick ups, and an abundance of explosions with the aim of hurling your opponents from the track. Sound familiar? The game bears a slight resemblance […]

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Stealthily Drops its Price

by David Roseon 02/11/2014
After a lot of critique, questions, bickering and measuring of the length of Hideo Kojima’s latest opus, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes finally receives a universal price drop to £19.99/€19,99, a drop of between £5 and £10 depending on platform. All versions will also come with the Jamais Vu and Deja Vu bonus missions. […]

Destructive Creations Announce Hatred, but who is the Target?

by David Roseon 17/10/2014
Experienced Polish indie developer Destructive Creations announced today the reveal of their debut game Hatred, a brutal, uncompromising isometric shooter where the goal is to kill everyone, and “take no prisoners”. Powered as much by controversy as the fourth iteration of the Unreal Engine, and sporting a somewhat familiar logo style, Hatred has the player […]

The Golf Club Review: A Massive Drive Forward for Golf Games?

by David Roseon 26/08/2014
One of the big things that was announced at the unveiling of the latest generation of consoles was “social gaming”. The idea of course is that games will more deeply integrate multiplayer features so that you can play against friends without necessarily being in the same room or even playing at the same time. The […]

Son of Nor: Available on Steam Early Access

by David Roseon 28/07/2014
There are a few games that are described as truly world changing and earth shattering, but few can lay as literal a claim to that crown as stillalive studio’s action adventure Son of Nor, now available on Steam Early Access. In the game you play a Son of Nor, a person consecrated by The Goddess of […]

A Climax 20 Years in the Making: Tekken 7 Trailer is Here

by David Roseon 28/07/2014
Over the weekend at SDCC, Bandai Namco unveiled the trailer for Tekken 7 and it was quite the bold statement to say the least. In the past, Tekken pre-release trailers have emphasised the action or gameplay, but in this case the focus is on the end of an era. The trailer contains no gameplay footage […]

Intoxicate to Reconquer the Apocalypse with new Afterfall game to be released 24th July

by David Roseon 23/07/2014
Afterfall Resurrection is to be released on Steam Early Access, with the taster to the first episode being released on 24th July. After a three year wait, Intoxicate Studios has finally released the sequel to its interesting Post-Apocalyptic, survival horror game Afterfall: InSanity. While this new series of instalments will retain the oppressive, psychologically scarring […]

Spintires Early Access Review: Rumble in the Jungle or Bogged in the Mire?

by David Roseon 26/06/2014
It is in early access, but you can already tell it is getting there. The bugs and feature limitations are natural for a game only just released on Early Access and given the developer will likely be hotfixed out very quickly. Try the tech demo first if you're not absolutely sold on an orienteering game but there is an awful lot to like already.