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The Reload: Sony’s New Teaser

by Slothon 18/10/2012
A new 16 second long Playstation teaser appeared on YouTube today named “The Reload”. Here’s the video: Now there are a few things teased, but what do they mean? The girl is from the ‘To Michael’ advertising campaign from last year, Sony’s pat on the back to consumers “Saru Get You” is on a sign […]

New Iron Man 3 Armour Revealed

by Slothon 03/10/2012
Released today is a picture from the set of Iron Man 3, shows Robert Downey Jr.’s Mark XLVII Armour, and a Iron Patriot suit that presumably has Don Cheadle hidden in there somewhere? Iron Man 3 is due to be released 24/04/13 in the US. What’s your opinion on the new gear?   ***UPDATE***  Some […]

Sleeping Dogs Review (PS3) – 7GPPs

by Slothon 17/09/2012
Straight to the Point : Great game, just not good enough for the £45 price tag Go to the Video Games reviews section of this page and before this review got published there was only one reviewer – our resident site admin Matt, and as the forums will proclaim, he’s an X-Boxer, so yours truly […]