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Friday, June 14, 2024

The Reload: Sony’s New Teaser

A new 16 second long Playstation teaser appeared on YouTube today named “The Reload”. Here’s the video:

Now there are a few things teased, but what do they mean?

  • The girl is from the ‘To Michael’ advertising campaign from last year, Sony’s pat on the back to consumers
  • “Saru Get You” is on a sign on the desk (The Japanese name for Ape Escape)
  • The date 23/10/12 is when the new Playstation Store redesign goes live in the US
  • When the lights go out we see a flash of lightening and hear footsteps, Cole MacGrath? Are they teasing inFamous 3?
  • The girl has a Snake wrapped roung her. Could this mean Snake is coming to Playstation All Stars?

There’s a couple of observations but we really wont know until Tuesday (23/10/12). Anybody care to speculate? Leave your comments below

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