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RIP – Sir Christopher Lee (27 May 1922 – 7 June 2015)

by Matt Gearyon 11/06/2015
It is with a heavy heart we have learned that at 8:30 on Sunday, at Chelsea Westminster Hospital, Sir Christopher Lee passed away due to respiratory and heart problems. It is hard to express how sad this is, not only for his family (who are hearts and thoughts go out to) but for the greater […]

Dracula Untold – The Review

by Daniel Delargyon 22/10/2014
"Let the games begin."

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2

by Callum Tyndallon 07/03/2014
A couple of confessions before I start this review properly: I have never previously played a Castlevania game before. I am aware of the series but have never played any of the titles before, including the previous Lords Of Shadow game. So what backstory/lore I know comes from quick Wikipedia searches and not an extensive […]

Slasher Saturdays – Origins

by Michael Doddon 21/09/2013
Where did the slasher film come from? How did it all start, and most importantly, what was the very first movie that we can can say with any certainty was the very first of the kind?  If you know your horror than you will already be familiar with the more popular answers. Halloween (1978) is recognized by many […]

Vlad Tepes, man and legend

by Deepdarkredon 04/09/2013
 Meet Vlad Tepes.  Many of you probably have no idea who he is, but I could bet a big sum of money (that I don’t actually have) that you’ve heard of his “legacy”. There are several vampire legends that start with Dracula,  the cruel vampire, living in some remote Transylvanian castle, feasting on the blood […]

Free Film Friday – Nosferatu

by Michael Doddon 24/08/2013
 Delving back into the past this week I thought we should take a  look at  something a little less obscure. Something well known,  iconic, and  above all feature length. Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror is not  only an all time classic work of cinema, it is in  fact  one of the great  staples of geekdom. […]