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Guardsman – WH40k fan film

by Matt Gearyon 10/10/2018
Directed by Richard Boylan and Written by Boman Modine, Guardsman is a rather glorious, short fan film about, well a guardsman, down on his luck and surrounded by Xenos. Shame it wasn’t longer but good to see good quality, 40k,fan made, live action and Animiated shorts coming out… maybe GW will take the hint and […]

Sneaky Zebra Announce Latest Short Plans

by TinkerTonkson 17/01/2018
UK based filmmakers Sneaky Zebra last week launched a new Indiegogo campaign to fund their latest short film: Echoes of Darkness. The Star Wars themed fan film, penned by Sneaky’s very own Gary Scullion, aims to explore the new landscape of the universe created between ‘Return of the Jedi’ and ‘The Force Awakens’. Instead of […]

First Thoughts on Fan Film Star Trek Horizon

by Mark Cantyon 27/02/2016
Star Trek Horizon is a fan film, released on Friday, 26th Feb 2016, 2 days ahead of schedule, following 3 years of production. Set in the Enterprise time period, it follows the NX-04 Discovery and her crew during the war between the Coalition of Planets and the Romulans, and runs to 1 hour and 42 minutes. […]

Predator Dark Ages

by Andy Haighon 21/05/2015
Predator Dark Ages is a crowd funded fan film and is a brilliant example of an idea so ingenious it’s a little perplexing that it hasn’t actually already been done. Taking the iconic alien hunter and placing it in a completely different context to that seen in any of the films to date, the past, […]

Finally, The Spawn Film We’ve Been Waiting For

by The_Dark_Mikeon 17/12/2014
“Ye who enter, abandon all hope” Yesterday at around 6pm I got a rather exited email from long time bestie and new podcaster Liam Martin with simply the words “WHY DOES NO ONE MAKE A FILM LIKE THIS” and a YouTube link. Now what you probably don’t know about Liam is that he’s quite the […]

John Constantine: Hellblazer – The Soul Play

by Andy Haighon 02/12/2014
John Constantine: Hellblazer – The Soul Play is a fan film made by UK based production crew Waking Dream Studios. The short is set in Vertigo Hellblazer continuity with the story taking place some time after the final story by writer Peter Milligan. The story has Constantine, played by David Chabeaux, joining a trio of […]

Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin – Short Film

by Daniel Delargyon 08/04/2014
Set prior to the events of ‘Arkham Origins’, this short film takes a look at one of the most high-profile characters who appeared in the game and how he got into the Christmas Day Bat-Hunt in the first place. The plot of the short is simple – Dissatisfied with the performance of recent mercenaries, Black […]

Video: First Impressions – when superheroing gets in the way of dating

by Becca Harperon 24/11/2013
Once again along comes a fan film, featuring a certain female superhero, that is an outstanding tribute to her and shames the likes of DC/Warner Bros and their lack of action. Brought to you by Chestersee, here is our Amazon trying to lead a semi normal life by dating, but it is never going to […]

Grayson: Earth One, Batgirl: Spoiled and How Fan-Made Films Show The Way

by Callum Tyndallon 10/11/2013
“Grayson: Earth One season one is a non profit six episode season dedicated to exploring the origin story of the DC character known as Nightwing — but with a twist. The twist being that Richard Grayson has never had the good fortune of being adopted as a child by Bruce Wayne, thus never becoming the […]

Justice League Dark: The Gathering needs your help.

by Andy Haighon 02/10/2013
Whilst Guillermo Del Toro’s take on Justice League Dark may be in limbo for the foreseeable future, someone else is planning on bringing DC’s fringe characters to life, Victor Omar and Trevir Krainik of Happy Reaper Productions. The team at Happy Reaper want to create ‘Justice League Dark: The Gathering’. A story which features immortal […]