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Friday, June 14, 2024

Finally, The Spawn Film We’ve Been Waiting For

“Ye who enter, abandon all hope”

Yesterday at around 6pm I got a rather exited email from long time bestie and new podcaster Liam Martin with simply the words “WHY DOES NO ONE MAKE A FILM LIKE THIS” and a YouTube link. Now what you probably don’t know about Liam is that he’s quite the reserved gent, bar Assassin’s Creed (which he has as a tattoo), so for me to recieve and email in ALL THE CAPS I was instanty intrigued as to what it was that got him all flustered like.

And he was pretty fuckin’ right to be, hoo boy.

Director Michael Paris released what is , quite simply, the greatest Spawn film (fan made or otherwise) ever created. It has exactly the right amount of tension, fear and badassery that you could expect from Todd MacFarlane’s Hellspawn Warrior. In this short Fan-film you are left hungry for a feature length- With incredible CG and a perfect soundtrack.

Previous iterations are utterly left in the dust compared to this film that was clearly made with the character in their hearts and minds. We can only hope that someone who can make these sorts of decisions manages to see this masterpiece and throw a few mil at Mr Paris. I’m off to bury my head into some early Spawn issues- In the mean time, check it out below.

Hailing from Kent, England, Mike is a writer, editor and podcaster who has just finished his degree at CCCU. He also is a drummer of 11+years, plays in several bands, and is available for session work. His other interests are Batman, music which doesn't suck and pizza. Follow Mike @The_Dark_Mike

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