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Dave’s Cultamania: Marvel Movies – the B-Movie years

by Dave Foyon 25/05/2016
Dave’s Cultamania: Marvel Movies – the B-Movie years With the current Marvel cinematic saga entering its self-proclaimed ‘Phase Three’ with the recent release of the fantastic Captain America: Civil War, and now subsequent movies planned right up until 2019 – it’s fair to say that Marvel Studios is currently on the crest of a wave; […]

Fantastic 4 Trailer Released

by Callum Tyndallon 27/01/2015
The first trailer for the new Fantastic 4 has finally been released. Though not much is given away, we get some nice mysterious narration (possibly Doom?) and some teaserish shots of the team with both Human Torch and Thing’s transformations being apparent. The film is set for release on August 7th and will star Miles […]

The MARVELous World of Disney: 3 Reasons You Don’t F@ck With The Mouse

by The_Dark_Mikeon 03/11/2014
So most of you (unfortunately) probably think Disney’s great. It’s a happy, happy company, which makes happy, lovely films, and everything is wonderful. Except it isn’t. Like, it really isn’t It is the worst-kept secret that Disney (or more accurately, their lawyers) are guns to a knife fight: to gain acquisition of what they desire […]

Infographic: Visual Guide to all the Superhero Movies up Until 2020

by Becca Harperon 18/10/2014
With a smorgasbord of superhero movies being announced in the last couple of weeks it’s all getting a little dizzying, so many titles coming in the short space of just 5 years, it’s easy to lose track. Handily for us geeks, the folks over at Comics Alliance have put all this information in the form […]

Chimichanga Time! Deadpool Movie Officially Confirmed

by James Buckinghamon 19/09/2014
This is not a joke. I repeat. This is not a joke. Fox have finally come to their senses, and realised that they need to listen to their target audience… and as a result, we finally have a Deadpool movie in production. When the official test footage made by Tim Miller was leaked a few […]

Superheroes are people too…

by Matt Gearyon 26/11/2013
The following post is brought to you in collaboration with First4Lawyers We all know that superheroes tend to get into a few scrapes in their day to day, crime fighting, business but what if they lived in a more realistic world where injuries took more than 5 seconds to heal and your PTSD wasn’t just […]

Visual Guide: Marvel – The Next 10 Movies

by Becca Harperon 20/04/2013
If you a Marvelite like me then you should be excited by this long list. A visual look at the next 10 movies from the Marvel Universe. Okay so the last few are mock ups but since their release dates aren’t  until 2014/2015 they can be forgiven, but just look at what they have in […]

Marvel Roundup (12/12/12)

by Laura Maieron 18/12/2012
Marvel NOW! continues to reboot- er, reintroduce- our favourite characters, and this week sees the release of Cable and X-Force #1. Not in any way related to Uncanny X-Force, this sees Cable reuniting with Domino and Hope, and picking up Colossus, Forge and Dr. Nemesis. And lest we be tricked into thinking that they’ll be […]

Comicbook Roundup (24/10/12)

by Laura Maieron 25/10/2012
AvX, because there’s always room for one more spinoff, continues in AvX Babies One-Shot, in which Lil’ Cyclops steals Baby Cap’s beloved Bucky Bear. Adorable hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, the grownups in AvX Consequences #2 are no longer duking it out, although what with Cyclops taking down a gang of prison inmates hell-bent on killing him, […]

Press Release: Mark Millar confirmed as Creative Consultant for FOX’s MARVEL projects

by Becca Harperon 02/10/2012
Scottish Comic book writer, Mark Millar has been hired by FOX to be their creative consultant on their MARVEL Comics projects. Namely X-Men and a reboot of Fantastic Four to begin. With The Avengers being a complete success in terms of not only revenue but also in bringing together a superhero team and making it […]