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Dave’s Cultamania: Horror franchise mis-steps

by Dave Foyon 13/09/2016
For a movie studio, having a successful movie with a multiple franchise sequels is like adding toppings on a pizza. Sure, a plain cheese and tomato base will still taste good, and people will still happily buy it – but producing a subsequent range of extra ingredients, each with their own increased cost, will raise profits and keep […]

HorrorCon 2016

by Peter Ray Allisonon 12/07/2016
Peter Ray Allison braves the terrors of HorrorCon to report on one of the largest horror conventions in the UK.

Clive Barker’s The Scarlet Gospels gets release date

by Andy Haighon 01/10/2014
Clive Barker fans have reason to rejoice for the long mooted The Scarlet Gospels, featuring the return of Pinhead, has been given a publication date of May 19 2015 via St. Martin’s Press. The announcement was made via Clive Barker’s Facebook Page The upcoming book from acclaimed writer/artist/imaginer Barker will be the first book to […]

Hellraiser set for remake, Clive Barker writing and Doug Bradley as Pinhead.

by Andy Haighon 26/10/2013
In news that sent waves through the Horror community, Clive Barker recently announced he’s been in talks with Dimension pictures to remake Hellraiser. Whilst news of another remake of a classic film will no doubt make you want to run into the street and shake your fists at the sky, this time things look distinctly […]

Event Horizon Re-View 9GPPs

by RyeZuulon 12/09/2013
When Event Horizon was first released, it was widely panned by critics and did abysmally at the box office. It was a flop; even now, it only manages 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, and under-rates at 6.6 on IMDB. But this review isn’t necessarily for that wider target audience; it is for those who want to watch (in my humble opinion) the best sci-fi horror genre-masher since Alien.