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6 Ways Destiny Could’ve Been Amazing

by RyeZuulon 15/10/2014
Destiny promised a lot, but just like real life, it squandered its potential. Destiny looks beautiful, has the beginnings of an interesting setting and, at a whopping $500 million, was produced with the largest budget of any game ever. Unfortunately, the final product seemed more like an introduction to a series rather than a full game […]

5 Ways Guardians of the Galaxy Could’ve Been Better

by RyeZuulon 12/08/2014
I thoroughly enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy; it blended swashbuckling adventure, lashings of super-violence, locations lightyears away from what we’ve seen in the established MCU and genuinely funny humour. It felt a lot like watching an adored cult 80s film (helped in large part by the nostalgic soundtrack) like Indiana Jones, mixed with modern day […]

Mortal Kombat X – Raiden Fatality!

by RyeZuulon 07/08/2014
With a release date in 2015, the gore-obsessed imps at NetherRealm studios have let loose a sneaky Raiden Fatality and gameplay video. Rumours are that the next release will include Kano. In the video we see some of the new Raiden fight mechanics, as well as Kotal Khan (a new, Aztec-based ruler of Outworld) and […]

D&D Adds Rules for LGBT Characters

by RyeZuulon 21/07/2014
Version 5 of the fantasy tabletop game’s basic rules officially launched this month. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), one of the cornerstones of modern RPGs and unspoken influence on geek culture and fiction, has, for the first time, explicitly embraced the questions of sexuality, biological sex and gender identity. While these themes have certainly never been banned […]

A PG13 At The Mountains of Madness

by RyeZuulon 08/07/2014
Del Toro’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s novella At the Mountains of Madness has been stuck in development hell for several years, but sleeping abnormalities sometimes do come back to life… At the Mountains of Madness, is a story long considered unfilmable, but it’s one that the director of Pacific Rim, Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth has been attempting […]

Mortal Kombat X Announced!

by RyeZuulon 02/06/2014
New Mortal Kombat announced! The trailer features typical MK blood, gore, fantasy violence, new play mechanics and Ed Boon’s well-established pro-Scorpion bias. Naturally, being early footage, it’s nowhere close to the fluidity of MK9, but the X-rays examples are brutal and the fighting, if it’s representative, could be a significant change from established beat-em-up standards […]

Geek Poetry Corner

by RyeZuulon 12/05/2014
In an effort to inject some culture around these parts, I hereby introduce Geek Poetry Corner, where any budding poets can share their work, assuming it’s got a geeky subject. Whether you consider yourself a poet or, like me, someone with no idea whatsoever and just fancy a bit of fun, get your favourite French […]

How Did the From Dusk Till Dawn Series Get It So Wrong?

by RyeZuulon 25/04/2014
Do you remember the famous speech by Cheech Marin? Imagine that but instead it could be shown on daytime TV. Then imagine the whole film is that but with Calvin Klein models and each scene takes 45 minutes.

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Lego

by RyeZuulon 03/02/2014
WE GOT ONE! Ghostbusters has it’s 30th anniversary this year. It is also, in the author’s incredibly humble opinion, the finest film ever made. To celebrate, Lego confirmed on the 30th of January that it will produce Brent Waller’s fan-designed Ghostbusters set. Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and of course Peter Venkman will be […]

Marvel and Star Wars Do Twitter Marketing Right

by RyeZuulon 26/01/2014
On Thursday the 23rd of January, 2014, the Star Wars Twitter account introduced the #askstarwars hashtag. Amid the usual questions on what precisely can be done to Jar-Jar Binks in a family film and how teddy-bears could adequately produce an insurrectionist movement, Marvel joined in and it became, well, really rather geeky. Incidentally, the Deadpool/Solo […]