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Cosplay Pictures from Belfast Film and Comic Con

by Matt Gearyon 23/03/2017
Our Very own Dave Foy was at the Belfast Film and comic Con this year and took a lot of pictures of the great Cosplayers! Here are our top picks and a link to the rest on our facebook!

UPDATE! Fantastic Four Set Photos Leaked!

by Erinon 30/08/2014
***UPDATE*** Sadly, but rather cooly (in a weird we got noticed sort of way) we got sent the following CoD from 20th Century Fox and so the two photos we had here have had to be taken down. Only thing left is the Meme we made.. Enjoy!   Behold, Geek Pride people! I have acquired, […]

Meet the NX Rover: A robot camera assistant run from the Android-enabled Galaxy NX Camera

by James Woodheadon 14/03/2014
Cheil UK has created a web user-controlled camera-bot, the first of its kind and called the NX Rover, for Samsung to showcase the unique connectivity of the Galaxy NX Camera. Inspired by Mars exploration rovers, the NX Rover is equipped with the Samsung GALAXY NX Camera, the first interchangeable-lens camera with 3G/4G LET and Wi-Fi sharing […]

Manchester MCM 2013 in pictures

by Matt Gearyon 21/07/2013
Being the glorious leader and the one with the biggest camera (im not compensating for anything, honest) I get a chance to go to a lot of conventions.. this month it was MCM in my home town of Manchester. Bigger than last year and stupidly hot but great fun had by all. Roll on MCM […]

MCM Manchester Comic Con 2013

by Andrew Corbanon 21/07/2013
Held at Manchester Central (formerly GMEX) every July since 2011, the Manchester Comic Con is becoming ever more popular each year, with 30,000 people showing up compared to last years 11,000 – there were so many people in fact that there was a 2 hour queue to get in, and there was still a queue […]

I play, You play, Lets Cosplay!

by Matt Gearyon 20/10/2012
Cosplay is something I have known about for a while now, but it is only in the last year or so that I have really got to understand, appreciate and enjoy it on all its different levels.   Ok that’s nice, but what is it?  Description, as yoinked from Wikipedia: [quote] short for “costume play”,[1] is […]

Manchester MCM EXPO 2012.. a week Later

by Matt Gearyon 30/07/2012
Last Saturday I had the privilege to be a part of Manchester’s second MCM Expo, or Manchester Comic Con as it is also known, along with 11,300 other enthusiastic Geeks who queued up for hours in the Manchester…. SUN (thought I was going to say rain didn’t you) just to get in and be a […]