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Girl Fight

by James Buckinghamon 14/11/2013
It’s not every day you get abducted and jacked into The Matrix Mainframe, forced to battle it out with others to get back to reality. It’s even less common for those abducted to be scantily-clad, big breasted beauties with psychic abilities. Oh… this is a fighting game? Well then this is prettymuch just a day […]

Gamescom 2013: Sony Confirm PS4 Release Date

by Sai Mealingon 20/08/2013
  Sony have today confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be released on 15th November in North America and 29th November in the UK and Europe at the price of $399, €399 or £349. In an obvious jab at Microsoft, PlayStation division CEO Andrew House stated that “others have changed their shifted focus and story” but […]

Super Puzzle Figher 2 Turbo HD Remix Review

by Stephen Breweron 01/07/2013
This game might have come to the Playstation network/XBLA several years ago now, however it has only just been brought to this writers attention. It will never be a smash hit of a game, it won't turn heads like The Last of Us or Remember Me but it's still extremely fun, and when it all boils down to it, that's what makes a good game.

Rain Forecast For PSN This Autumn

by James Buckinghamon 31/05/2013
Queue a number of meteorology-based puns… Rain is a game created by SCE Japan & published by Sony, and looks like it takes some inspiration from the 2000 cult classic Ico. Revealed at GamesCom last year, Rain is an adventure game where the protagonist is a nameless boy who is lost in the rain when […]

Playstation Plus EU – April 2013 Edition

by James Buckinghamon 22/03/2013
Well… it’s that time of the month again – the April Playstation Plus Update is inbound, and I have all the details for you (if you thought I meant a different time of the month, then shame on you!) This month is a bit of an indie bonanza, so if that’s up your alley… read […]

Playstation Plus: March 2013

by James Buckinghamon 07/03/2013
Online systems in gaming consoles can be tetchy, and there’s a never-ending debate about which is better; Xbox Live or Playstation Plus. Just to sort it out for you all – there is no right or wrong answer – it just depends what you want out of your online gaming experience. I know a lot […]

PS3 Game Review: Hell Yeah! Wrath of a Dead Rabbit – 6GPPs

by Stephen Breweron 11/02/2013
If like me, you’re sick of the depressing, Limbo-esque style 2D platformers, then this game is right up your alley. At the moment I am just playing the trial version, but am sorely tempted into buying the game when my time has run out. ‘Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit’ on the face seems […]