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Forget Pixels, Save Your Money For Ready Player One

by spikedirectionon 28/07/2015
All across the Geek Universe (Geekiverse?) Reviewers are queuing up to lay into Pixels, Adam Sandler’s live-action remake of that Futurama episode where aliens invade through the medium of Space Invaders and Pacman. I’ve yet to see the film, and probably won’t bother, but the consensus amongst those who have seems to be that while […]

Mattell Announce the New 3d VR Viewmaster

by GuruMelon 14/02/2015
Geek Pride are ahead of the game! Last month we told you about the fabulous potential of Google Cardboard: cheap and cheerful virtual reality for the masses. In fact, I described it as “half old school Viewfinder, half poor-mans’ Oculus Rift, and completely awesome!” Well today Mattel have announced the launch of their new product, […]

The Best Toy Santa Didn’t Bring You – Google Cardboard

by GuruMelon 09/01/2015
This should have been the biggest toy this Christmas, and I’m amazed that anyone doesn’t own one yet, but then, even if you have heard of Google Cardboard it sounds so ridiculous that most people just think it’s not going to be any good. Cardboard is a DIY folding cardboard smartphone mount allowing you to […]

CDF: Ghostship & Aftermath @ PlayExpo2014

by Lendosanon 28/10/2014
During my glance over the stands and companies attending Play Expo 2014, MAG Studios and their games CDF: Ghostship and Aftermath, I was immediately interested.  CDF: Ghostship is the first in the series, with Aftermath as its sequel.  Let me tell you why.. CDF: Ghostship is a free roaming, first person shooter, with a hint […]

PS4 VR Headset to be announced on March 18th?

by James Buckinghamon 10/03/2014
Sony have recently announced a new GDC session for March 18th, and there’s some speculation that the much hyped PS4 Virtual Reality headset will be officially announced. Said to detail the “future of innovation” of the company, Sony’s session will take place between 17:45PM and 18:45PM PST on the 18th March. What is fuelling the fire […]

Oculus Rift Preview; Seeing is Believing

by Matt_Walklateon 26/10/2013
I tested the Oculus Rift the other weekend, and I have to admit; I feel a little guilty now. This sceptic has seen more than enough so-called “revolutionary” videogame peripherals fail miserably in the past; glittery gimmicks hyped way out of proportion that enjoyed their five minutes of fame before being condemned to the scrap […]

Oculus Rift Co-Founder and Lead Engineer Killed

by LadderManon 01/06/2013
Andrew Reisse, the lead engineer of the virtual reality head-gear Oculus Rift, was killed on Thursday evening in Santa Ana, California, by a speeding car that was involved in a police chase. The Oculus VR co-founder was caught in the high-speed chase as he was crossing the road. It is reported that the car contained […]