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Half Price Saints Row IV!

by on 28/02/2014

Deep Silver Week

Those wonderful people over at the Humble Bundle Store bring us great games for amazingly low prices on a regular basis for PC, Mac and mobile platforms. Of course usually they bring us collections of Indie titles but from time to time we get AAA deals. This week the Humble Store has had the Deep Silver Week. They have titles from the Metro series, Dead Island series and also the Saints Row series.

The highlights of the sale have to be the staggeringly entertaining Saints Row IV being sold at a measly £14.99 (50% discount), the highly rated post apocalypse FPS Metro: Last Light for £7.49 (70% discount) and the first person action RPG Dead Island: Riptide for £9.99 (50% discount).

I had a SR IV-shaped hole in my game collection that I have now gratefully plugged so you’ll have to excuse me whilst I go and kick politics right in the balls.